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How much are big motocycles in japan? 2009/9/16 02:23
i am looking forward in buying a motocycle from japan a new model 2007/8/9 (yamaha R6/R1 or Honda cbr 600RR 1000RR).
Is it possible to buy such machines and how much is it in japan??
by Kay (guest)  

prices 2009/9/16 19:41
Yamaha R1 = 1,417,500yen
Honda CBR600RR = 1,098,300yen - 1,266,300yen
Honda CBR1000RR = 1,323,810yen - 1,558,200yen
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Information 2009/9/17 09:52

I guess we need some more info to answer your question.

Are you intending to use / ride the bike over here in Japan?

Do you want to ship it to the US or another foreign country?

Elsewise, well I guess you get what you pay for and the price for bikes (so-called "o-gata-bikes") is more or less the same all over the world.

Send me an e-mail for more information (klausdorth(at)web.de).
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