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Kyushu Town famous for Unadon/Eel rice 2009/9/16 19:03
Recently I have watch a travel show that says that there is a town in Kyushu (should be near Fukuoka) that is famous for Unadon. I did not manage to take note of the place but they describe that at the town most of the restaurant solely sells unadon only and it is a speciallity in that town. When reach the town you can smell fragance of the bake eel.

My family and friend a fan of Unadon, we will be visit Kyushu island in december and hopefully can find that town and savour on the eel

Anybody here could help me?
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yanagawa? 2009/9/16 21:29
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I hope so 2009/9/17 11:33

Yes steamed

I visited the website and it look like... however I could not understand japanese so it is abit hard to figure out the address and route to that town and restaurant.

Could you translate it for me ?
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Yanagawa City Tourist Association 2009/9/17 13:57
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Thanks 2009/9/17 15:24
Thanks a lot, appreciate the information.

btw...is there a season for this dish or it would be available through out season?
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ok 2009/9/17 23:04
all season OK.
i recommend Motoyoshiya.there is popular restaurants.Seiromushi is delicious.
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Thanks... can't wait 2009/9/18 11:01
Thanks for the recommendation..... I really can't wait to savour on it.

Thanks again and will fix it in my itinerary.
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