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Japanese Supermarkets 2009/9/17 22:34
We are currently travelling around Japan and are looking to take some local food items back home with us (items such as green tea, sweet miso paste, edamame, etc). However, we cannot find any large supermarkets but rather only convenience stores or basements of the large department stores. Are there any major supermarkets in city centres in Japan where locals would do their weekly grocery shopping (meat, bread, milk, etc.)? Can you please let me know of ones in Hiroshima or Kyoto. Thanks.
by Admiral55  

. 2009/9/18 13:35
Supermarkets are located in the most convenient places for people to do the daily shopping, that means you should go to residential area, no the central city...
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. 2009/9/19 07:35

What part of Tokyo are you staying at? Perhaps someone may be able to tell you where your nearest residential area is.

But whether you can bring home fresh foods like edamame or miso is another story. Maybe it's just better to go to a department store basement grocery corner where they are more good at proper packaging. Of course, it's always fun to go to places where the locals go, though.
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. 2009/9/19 09:31
We have actually left Tokyo and are travelling to Kyoto so are looking for a large supermarket there. We want to bring back only goods that are pre-packaged and easy to travel with, so the miso paste and green tea would be pre-packaged at the time we buy it. For edamame, we are only looking for the dried (cooked or roasted) soya beans not the fresh ones. If anyone can suggest a large supermarket which is not too far out from the Kyoto JR station, that would be much appreciated.
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. 2009/9/19 16:55

All you have to do is to ask at your accomodation or your nearest tourist information counter, but again, these items are available at department store basements, and the quality and variety is usually better than supermarkets.

Btw, what we call "edamame" are fresh green soy beans. If you're looking for dried or cooked soya beans, ask for "daizu," to be specific "kansou (dried) daizu" or "itta (roased) daizu."
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