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603 gyoza? 2009/9/18 06:22
Anyone tried it? Any thoughts? Sounds intresting.
by Josh (guest)  

... 2009/9/19 19:21
I've never had 603 gyozas in one sitting. Maybe not even in my whole lifetime.
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in tokyo too 2009/9/19 20:34
Looks like its available in both Fukuoka AND Roppongi
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Gyoza 2009/10/30 02:23

I've never been there, but if you want some good gyoza, you can go to chinatown in yokohama.
In the little narrow streets, you will find some very good ones (to find the best ones : there is always a lot of people waiting in front of the restaurants to enter).

Something else : I don't remember exactly where it was, but somewhere in tokyo, there is a place where after paying an entry fee, you are in a replica of an old time city.
In this city, there are some restaurants with gyoza from all the country. You can sit in a restaurant and buy a few ones, then go to an other little restaurant and try new ones, and so on..

So you're trying gyoza from all the country.

I can't remind of the place where I tried that..
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Gyoza Stadium, Namjatown 2009/10/30 09:20
The place flip has mentioned is in Ikebukuro in the Sunshine City complex. It is inside the Namja Town (Namco) theme park and is called Ikebukuro Gyoza Stadium.

The Namja Town theme park is located on the second floor in the World Import Mart building. Admission is 300 yen and then you walk in and eventually come to the area which is a replica of the old streets of Tokyo. There are numerous Gyoza restaurants in here which sell a variety of Gyoza!

The Namja website is www.namja.jp

If you are a fan of Gyoza then it is well worth the trip! :)
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