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market in tokyo - 2009 golden week? 2009/9/19 17:26
We are in Tokyo for three days during the autumn golden week holiday (ie right now) - want to visit a good market for interesting old fabrics, ceramics, kimono etc etc... any suggestions.
Is there still a market ar Yoyogi park - it isn't mentioned on the paperlantern website.
What about the Ooi Keiba-jo race track flea market? Is it an interesting one or lots of modern stuff (which we don't really want)?
Anyway how do you get there ie Ooi Keiba-jo race track. We are staying in Asakusa...
hope someone can send help quickly!
by yeshekathy  

markets 2009/9/20 20:32
Welll there were no answers to our question yesterday, so we went out to the Oikeibajo market this morning... a big flea market all right but not a lot of interesting stuff for us anyway... lots of second hand clothes and old hardware and a few toys etc - no fabrics, old kimono etc etc which was what we had been hoping for. To be honest, it was a long way and not really worth it - good to ride the monorail though...
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... 2009/9/20 20:51
Maybe for second-hand kimono, you might want to look in at a shop (it's actually a chain store) called "Tansu-ya." There are a few locations in and around Asakusa, so you could ask at the hotel...
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