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Tokyo Game Show 2009 2009/9/20 22:12

My two German friends and me wants to visit the TGS in September.
Will it be enough to just buy tickets at the ticket counter at the day of the show (we plan to go on Saturday or Sunday) or will we need to buy tickets in advance?
Is there a special discount for buying tickets in advance?

by Ichimaru (guest)  

. 2009/9/21 13:34
day ticket 1200yen
advance ticket 1000yen
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... 2009/9/21 15:19
Where can I get an advance ticket and until when do I need to buy it to get it cheaper?
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... 2009/9/21 15:33
The show is open to the public only on Sat. (26th) and Sun. (27th); you can simply show up there to buy the tickets.

Advance tickets are available for sale until the 25th, so if you are in Japan by the day before, you can try buying them - probably convenience stores would be the easiest.
- If you want to try, go to a Lawson convenience store, find "Loppi" machine there (ticket and other services machine). The code number you need for the show is "L code 34444." Ask the store clerk for help.
- Another one would be 7-11 - some stores have machines similar to Lawson's, where you can purchase tickets. Go there with a slip of paper saying "Tokyo Game Show tickets" and show it to the store clerk for help.

But actually I do not know if there is any fee involved for using the above ticket vending machines, so I do not know if it's worth trying to buy them for 200 yen less :)

The show organizer announced that due to expected crowd (because they have another large event taking place nearby), that they might open the venue earlier, by 30 minutes max., so they *might* open the gate at 9:30 AM.
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. 2009/9/21 16:14
7-11 ticket code 0225688
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how to 2009/9/21 23:04
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