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Shops closed during New Year in Osaka? 2009/9/21 13:01
I have a choice of being in either Osaka or Kyoto from 1 Jan to 3 Jan. I want to experience the bright lights and downtowns of Osaka, with shopping and food; and for Kyoto, I'm more interested in the old-Japan charm, culture and scenery. Which would be a better place to visit during this New Year's period? I have this impression that the entire downtown of Osaka might become a ghost town during this period - is this true?

Going to Kyoto doesn't mean I'll be missing out on Osaka, and vice-versa, as I'll still be in Japan after Jan 3.

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... 2009/9/21 16:24
Most shops that do close over New Year, close only on January 1, but are open again from January 2. Recently, more and more shops, especially yje large malls and shopping centers, are open even on the first (at least in Tokyo, but I think it is probably the same in Osaka).

If you are into shopping, I personally would forget about shopping on January 1 and follow the crowds to some of Kyoto's popular shrines and temples for a New Year visit just like the locals do (but prepare for crowds) and then use January 2 and 3 to satisfy your shopping needs. Osaka, in general, is the better place for shopping than Kyoto unless youa re looking for traditional Japanese goods.
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Heian Jinja 2009/9/21 17:46
Heian Jinja goes crazy on Jan. 1. Bring some coins so that you can toss it over everyon's head to make an offering for a great new year. And there will be lots of food booths and stall for lucky amulets. Then find something relaxing to do, like go to a movie - movie theaters are usually open. Have a good time!
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Kyoto 2009/9/25 09:22
There are few places to go for Hatsumode (First pray of the year) on Jan 1st around Kyoto. Beside popular places like Heian and Yasaka, I also suggest Fushimi Inari Taisha where they have hundreds of Tori gates. Get off at JR Inari station and the temple would only be minutes away
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Shopping 2009/9/25 09:29
As for shopping, like someone mentioned before, it's better to do your shopping on the 2nd or 3rd. Many stores will start to have some kind of sale. Umeda and Namba are good places to shop in Osaka. Also Nishimiya Gardens (at Nishimiya Kitaguchi) has some nice shops but is a bit more pricey. The mall is connected to Hankyu station and not too far away from Osaka so you may consider.
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oops 2009/9/25 09:55
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