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Souvenir of Japan 2009/9/21 18:42
I had an idea for something that would make a great gift for my parents, but I'm not sure it exists or where to look for such a thing.

Basically, I'd like to get my family name written in katakana in nice calligraphy on nice washi, perhaps framed or something. I just think that well written katakana looks really nice. Is that something that exists? Where would I even start looking for such a thing? I'm in Tokyo right now.
by mgal  

Ask at accomodation? 2009/9/23 01:18
That sounds like a nice idea, but I can't think of a place that does it professionally.

Why not consult at your accomodation, your concierge or your nearest tourist information center? The least I can think of is buying the paper and frame yourself and asking a calligraphy teacher write it for you.

There are lots of people doing calligraphy classes at home for schoolchildren. Or if you're staying at a nice hotel, I'm sure they have contracts with calligraphers who write for wedding arrangements at the hotel. Of course, if you're lucky there might be someone who just happens to be good at writing calligraphy.
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Wedding calligraphers 2009/9/23 06:49
Well I'm staying at the Shinagawa Prince, so I might see if the Guest Relations desk can hook me up. It seems like such a trivial thing to have, although I guess you'd have to employ a full time calligrapher to sit there waiting for customers, you couldn't just pre-print a load of names ("Bort?")
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let us know 2009/9/24 13:08
Hi mgal: could you post a brief trip report when you return home?I have been following your questions and have been hoping it all went as well as you hoped and planned.
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Report 2009/9/24 18:17
Hi fmj, I certainly will. I've been keeping a blog since I left (although I don't know the rule here for posting external links?). Failing that, I certainly plan on summarising the trip as best I can for a j-g.com trip report.
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Re: 2009/9/24 18:19
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