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Ayumi Hamasaki how popular? 2004/7/3 20:09
How popular is Ayumi Hamasaki in Japan?
by Steven  

Massive! 2004/7/5 23:32
Everybody knows her.She is mega popular!
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hamasaki ayumi 2004/7/6 12:50
she's not as popular as before, but she is still a pretty big celebrity.
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well.. 2004/7/12 13:14
just think of Ayumi as a much better version of brittany spears when it comes to popularity. Ayum hamasaki is actually a little old to the japanese but almost anyone will know who she is
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The best 2004/7/21 20:18
I think ayumi is the best Diva in the world. She's the one for me.
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Ayumi ... 2004/7/22 12:17
mmm ayumi ... yea she is regarded as a little old now. Yesturday's news if you like. But in my books : She can sing a song to me any day and I'll get just as excited.

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Ayumi 2004/7/28 01:59
I love in Canada and I LOVE AYUMI!! SHE ROCKS!!!! ^_^
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!!!!! 2004/8/14 10:56
I am addicted to ayumi and i don't care how old she is cause she still looks like teenager and cute!!
I love her so much!!
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?? 2004/8/14 11:12
Why does ayumi look different from the photos of her old pic with swim suit. Is she getting younger or she had an surgery???
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Ayumi 2004/8/14 15:08
I am a teacher at a junior high school in Japan. In order to know who's popular now, I always ask my students. But even they said that Ayumi is no longer the best. I get the same feeling too, because she hasn't appeared on TV as often as she used to, and her new songs aren't selling really well compare to her old albums. Maybe she spends more time with her boyfriend Nagase Tomoya. They were seen in Los Angeles together last month, and newspapers in Japan expect them to get married soon. If you want to know who's the new J-Pop Diva, it seems like Mika Nakajima has taken over the spot light.
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Ayu in France 2004/9/4 22:42
in france she's known!! many people knows her, and love her!
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a different person 2004/9/22 16:32
I can't believe it yet, but i saw ayumi in paris (in the subway!) I was listening to her!!!! Nobody knew who was this pretty girl, i was really impressed!!!
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The Answer 2004/9/26 15:20
i don not really know how popular Ayu is in Japan.
but i can tell you that in one Chinese Ayu-club on the internet there are nearly 10000 members there.
so you can guess how hot she is in her nation.
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Still going... 2004/10/6 02:16
She's been going for over 6 years and hasn't had a release that didn't get into the top 3 of the charts since 1999. But recently she's been diagnosed as completely deaf in one ear and warned to stop performing after this year.
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Ayumi 2004/10/6 06:58
One more thing to add. Recently there's a rumor that Ayu is going to get married soon with her boyfriend Nagase Tomoya. Usually when a singer marries, it means the end of her career in Japan. Just look at Namuro Amie and you will know what I mean.
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Ayumi for life 2004/10/19 06:13
are u kidding me? Ayumi is better then everything i have ever heard. Rap, hip hop, R&B..... everything, she sings better then anyone... I respect her for life. and she still looks Beautiful =D
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Yo-Chan 2004/11/13 21:27
Hey Yo-Chan, where did you get the information that Ayu is deaf in one of her ears? All I know is that she just has a problem in her left ear, and is not completely deaf.. Can you tell me where did you see this news at?
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deaf 2004/12/14 03:27
There was a special reportage in japanese tv about her (I think it was from NBC or so) and you also can downloaqd in the net. However she got problems in her ear some years ago, about the time she was doing her Dome Life Tour. She had problems recording as she always heard a signal in her ear. SO she had to stop for a while and ot got better (at this time she was almost deaf), maybe it got worse again. I'm sorry for her ;_;
I love her and I would be happy if she get married to Nagase and get some kiddies *haha*
Also these days my beloved Kumi Koda is getting higher and higher. ^________^
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She is very popular !!! 2004/12/14 09:35
Probabry there is no person who don't know her in Japan now. She is known from children to old people.
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i wonder 2004/12/14 19:36
does she married yet?
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