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Unagi-ya - Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto 2009/9/24 15:24
Im visiting Japan in April and both my partner and I love unagi.
We live in South Australia and there are only a small handful of places here that serve it, most are very expensive and not the best.
I was wondering if anyone could tell me of any restaurants in Tokyo/Osaka/Kyoto that either have menu based on unagi or serve good quality unagi.
If you know roughly how much it cost that would be really helpful too.
by Seratone  

Unagi restaurant 2009/9/24 17:34

I'm Japanese, and love Unagi (Kabayaki) too!
It is relatively expensive comparing to other food, I assume it is definitely worth paying.

In Tokyo, my favorite one is called "Nodaiwa 野田岩 のだいわ".
It locates just next to the Tokyo Tower, the centre of the city.

I could not find any website in English, so, I have just wrote an article in my blog with the map.. :)
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let us know 2009/9/24 19:20
Hi Seratone: if you find any let us know: we have spent a fair amount of time eating in Tokyo and Osaka, and had trouble finding Unagi: but we don't seek high priced places.
I love Unagi-don!: we had it in Nara in a little place in an alley off the main street, but don't know the name or anything.
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Asakusa area 2009/9/25 10:54
You can get great Unagi-don in Asakusa for a good price. Not expensive at all. I Can't tell you the street names, but But just wander a few streets over to the left of the Sensoji Temple. Look around a bit and you will find several shops with unagi.
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Unagi shop in Tokyo 2009/10/8 06:44
Dear friends

There are two nice unagi restaurants that you should try. One is "Kikugawa" near JR Kanda station. The other is "Kubota" near JR Okachimashi station. Th price range would be 2400+ for set menu. Very delicious.
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great 2009/10/8 17:55
Thank you!! Will try them !!
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