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Video game shops in Nagoya 2009/9/25 14:09
I was wondering if there are any good video game shops in Nagoya or some that are near.
A shop more oriented around retro gaming.
by Mahouts  

... 2009/10/2 08:24
The king of retro gaming is Super Potato and is present mostly in Osaka and Tokyo ILm affraid, BUT, you can always head to a regular neighbourghood and most of them will have a second hand store which catters mainly to manga, video, books and -you guessed it- videogames; many of them retro. It really depends on what youLre looking for, anyway. For a very specific title or console edition you should go to Super Potato, but just to get a -letLs say- Wonderswan and a couple of games any of these stores will do. All in all, Nagoya is a big city and sure thereLs a retro store there or at least one which carries retro stuff.
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. 2009/10/2 10:50
what's retro gaming? I bought a game before in sunshine sakae on the level they sell games/movies/music etc. although they are mostly new games. What console are u looking for? If quite old, you can mostly download emulators, if not that old, they'd still be around alot of shops and online shopping.

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. 2009/10/2 13:18
Thanks. Where is super Potato at in Osaka and Tokyo? This probably sounds more like the stuff I want. There are some specific titles for the Super Famicom I want.

I dont like emulators. I prefer the cartridge, system, and controller. Feels better and I collect them. I am mainly after Super Famicom games. Though I have some famicom, psx,ps2, and dreamcast games I am after as well.
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