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miyazaki-Aoshima-Udo Shrine 2009/9/25 22:40
Anybody has the bus timetable for miyazaki-Aoshima-Udo Shrine? Thank you.
by Wendy (guest)  

... 2009/9/26 10:07
I cannot find an online version.

Buses depart approximately once per hour.

Here are the departure times from Miyazaki Station:
8:19, 9:40, 11:00, 11:45, 12:50, 13:55, 14:45, 15:40, 17:20, 18:45, 19:40, 20:45

The buses briefly stop near Aoshima about 50 minutes after leaving Miyazaki Station and at the entrance to Udo Shrine about 85 minutes after leaving Miyazaki Station.

In the opposite direction, buses leave Udo Shrine at the following times:
6:14, 7:21, 8:31, 9:41, 11:01, 12:11, 13:21, 14:31, 15:25, 16:21, 17:21, 18:21
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Board bus from Aoshima to Udo Shrine 2009/9/26 11:06
Instead of boarding the bus from Miyazaki, can i board the bus from Aoshima? Is the bus stop near the JR station? Please advise. Thanks once again!
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... 2009/9/26 17:58
Yes, you can board it at Aoshima, too. The bus stop seems to be half way between the station and the island. Should not be too hard to find.
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