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Where do people to get office supplies 2009/9/26 00:53
Where do people in Japan get supplies for a small business? Do Department stores or convienent stores (7-Eleven) sell office supplies? Small print/supply shops? Is there a chain similar to Staples in Japan?
by Eliza (guest)  

... 2009/9/26 12:05
Department stores and convenience stores do carry some stationery, but may not necessarily be the best for small businesses in terms of the range of products available and prices. You could try general merchandiser (multi-storied large supermarkets, that sell stationeries, clothing, daily sundries, etc. in addition to groceries) such as Seiyu, AEON, Ito-Yokado as well - you can get notebooks, printing papers, etc. there.

If you need larger office supplies such as copier toner and more bulk stuff, try to see if you have any Office Depot outlets near you. Also, Office Depot and other specialized shops such as ASKUL have online shop as well.
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Costco 2009/9/26 19:19
If in Kanto or Kansai, try Costco. Yodobashi Camera stores carry many office related items. Also try Bic Camera stores.
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Nissen 2009/9/26 20:06
Office Depot seems to be closing many of their shops in Tokyo. Maybe a victim of the recession?

You might check the catalogue, Nissen, usually available for free at convenience stores.
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. 2009/9/26 20:28
There are stores that specialise in office supplies (jimu-youhin). I used to have a heavy catalog of one of those stores, but my business is so small that it didn't suit my needs and I just threw it away. I just buy the practical things from neighborhood stationary shops and the cute or unique things from Tokyu Hands and such.
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Kanagawa Office Depot shops closed 2009/9/29 21:45
All Kanagawa prefecture Office Depot shops have closed- or at least their staff told me that was happening.

Check out 100yen shops. The bigger ones have a huge selection of office supplies and you will often pay 3 times as much for essentially the same things anywhere else as you pay there.
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