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Good places for USD exchange to JPY? 2009/9/26 11:25
Hi, I'm in the Hyogo area--does anyone know if any place has better rates? I was told that one could rate-shop, but I've only seen a couple, and they buy 1 USD at about 87 JPY right now.. it hurts, if you know what I mean.
by fm47  

I know what you mean 2009/9/26 19:29
87 yen to a U.S. dollar right now is not all that bad. The current exchange rate is 89 yen to a U.S. dollar. The yen just got stronger today, again!
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BoH 2009/9/27 21:31
The best exchange rate I ever got was from Bank of Hawaii in Honolulu. It was the spot rate (the rate published in news bulletins). The bank was just trying to get rid of all the yen left by tourists.
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I think all the same 2009/9/27 22:41
this is the rate for Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ http://www.narita-airport.or.jp/exchange_e/index.html and the rate is almost the same between banks. as in tokyo, the rate in airport (narita) and the city is also the same. but I dont know about the rate in japan post bank, you should ask them
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internet exchange service 2009/9/29 06:57
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