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Toy stores in Kyoto, Japan 2009/9/27 07:00
Hi Everyone,

I'm going to be in Kyoto for several days of meetings and my son (5yrs) really wants me to bring home some toys (specifically Godzilla action figures).

So my question is are there any good toy stores in Kyoto? I've heard good things about Den Den in Osaka, but I'm not sure I'll will be able to fit that in between meetings..

Thanks in advance!
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Try this store 2009/9/29 23:49
There is one store in Kyoto that may have items your son is looking for. On Teramachi dori, just north of Shijo, about 4 or 5 stores up on the left is a small toy store the same as the type in Den Den Town, well this store has a bigger store in Den Den Town. The name is "Super Position". Selection is okay since this store is small. Also try and check the toy section of Bic Camera store next to JR Kyoto station.
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osaka option 2009/10/2 08:09
If not you can always head to OsakaLs Den den town -which is more for computers, videogames and technology rather than toys-; shouldnLt take more than a morning or evening from Kyoto. ThereLs also a kiddyland store in Umeda (Osaka); this is the address:
Hankyu 3rd St., 1-1-3 Shibata, Kita-ku
Kiddy land is definitely my favorite toys store in Japan!
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