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about the advanced robotics in tokyo? 2009/9/29 10:19
Hi, my name is Luna. . I am a senior in high school but I have two paths I want to take chemistry and robotics ...you see Ifve always been in love with Tokyo and I read that you made a gundam ...you see I want to make one that actually moves and can do many things with a human in , such as I.. after I graduate out of college my initial plan was to go to Japan to accomplish my dream I really need help and I would love if you can tell me what college or university I need to go to , to accomplish this...... if
you can help me here is my personal email me @ princesstiara6@gmail.com thank you =D
by mistresstiara  

... 2009/9/29 17:23
The most advances schools in robotics for English speakers are probably MIT, Carnegie-Mellon, and Stanford.

In Japan, U. of Tokyo and Kyoto are probably the best; but then you'd have to deal with over 2,000 kanji plus special technical terms besides all the math and science required.
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Think Carefully 2009/9/29 18:15
In USA robotic engineering isn't a significant field except to companies that contract with the U.S. Defense Depart.

If you are interested in a related engineering that may lead you to robotics, top rated are California Institute of Technology or CalTec (*Major should be mechanical engineering and not Electrical or Computer).

However, if you plan to look for works with other technology company best to have a Bachelor or Master in Electrical Engineering (BEE, MEE).

Most all university in your country, Europe, Asian, or in USA have a working partnership with high tech companies and you should enroll only with those university. If you are an outstanding student companies will offer you an intern position in your last year of college and likely will hire you upon graduating .In your situation you should apply only to the English speaking countries, NOT Japan.

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