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i am lookinf for sumo 2009/9/29 17:36
I am looking for sumo school for my son, age 9 old, living at Makassar City, Indonesia. How about.... i am wait to information. Thanks.
by irwan mongka (guest)  

He is not old enought ! 2009/9/30 15:32
Professional sumo wrestlers are recruited to join 1 of 40+ club or stable about when he is about 16 years old. This mean you can encourage your son to join the judo club or wrestling club at his school or a private club.

Also he will have to grow taller and gain weight. An average sumo wrestler is 180cm & 80k or more. He will have to become a powerful and a strong boy, and be a champion in the judo or wrestling in your country. Why? Because he will be wrestling the big Russian bears, Mongolian buffaloes, Samoan whales, & other sumo wrestlers that are powerful.

Your son can't join the Japanese sumo stable because he want to go to a sumo school. Sumo wrestlers are RECRUITED, and only 1 foreign recruit is permitted in a stable with a total of 40 foreign recruits among the 40+ stables. If your son become a champion in the 80+ k judo champion or wrestling champion he will be on a television and newspapers.

If your son is very lucky and is RECRUITED to Japan, he will have a place to live and food to eat, but NO MONEY until his sumo training is complete. Trainings could be 1 year, 2 years, 3 years or longer. The boss or "OYAKATA" decide when your son is ready.

You will have to work hard and make lots of money so your son can get the best training in Malaysia.

Good luck,
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which country? 2009/9/30 15:56
Are you looking for a school in Indonesia or Japan?
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