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Backround check 2009/9/30 07:11
i am in the USA getting very involved with a lady in Japan and she is saying she needs to finalize divorce. been seperated for 5 years due to money issues. i want to be sure about everything with her especially these days before getting further involved.. how can i go about checking her backround for financial and crime, etc. thank you
by skytruck  

. 2009/9/30 10:40
Well like any relationship if there is no trust between two people, then one should worry. If you can't ask them directly and get a direct answer then maybe that's no a person worth pursing a relationship with.
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Background check 2009/9/30 10:42

how can i go about checking her backround for financial and crime, etc.

Look for a private detective agency in Japan that has competent English-speaking staff (assuming you don't speak Japanese).
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. 2009/9/30 11:08
While you are at it, give her a chance to check your background as well. It is called a mutual trust.
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No need to hire a P.I. 2009/9/30 13:06
Japanese woman will not divorce her husband because she is poor or because of a financial ruins while she is married. Being poor but honest and hard working is a very redeeming quality in a man to a Japanese woman. However having said all that Japanese woman hate lies and dishonesty. Therefore, when she explained to you her reason for a divorce are due to the money matters, she more than likely was talking about her husband losing the monies by gambling, or spending in the pachinko palace.

Therefore my uninvited advise to you is, don't pester her for explanations. Also, I want to caution you about, which is very important when marrying a Japanese woman,.... that is, never again write your concerns or doubts about your partner OPENLY and ask others for an advise, because she will misconstrue it as (you) NOT having any trust or faith in her (we say in U.S. sneaking behind my backs, dont we?) !!!!! So, be happy that she want to leave here past behind and to start a new life with you!

Lucky for YOU.

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