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Japanese Fashion 2009/9/30 16:42
Here's what I posted at gaijin-pot, but I don't understand why the people there have to be a bunch of bitter pricks. Anyway, I was hoping someone here could help me--but if you've any random comments and useless criticisms, please go get a life. Thanks in advance to those who are really trying to help:

Hi, so I've recently arrived in Japan and my gf wants me to try out some JP fashion...

well, despite that I'm Asian (from Taiwan), i'm still a much bigger build than most Japanese guys I see. They're usually much more slender, so I can see how their clothing fits on them. The only thing I seem to look decent in are clothing like American Eagle, ones that boast your muscles a little or that makes you look a little more like a prep in America.

So what kind of fashion should I try?

I am 5'8", 170lb ish, have somewhat large arms and pecs (the not-moob ones). My belly area is pretty average, no packs without flexing. I lifted weights every other day while back in the States, so as modest as I'm trying to be, I'm still a decently built guy.
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Japanese fashion 2009/9/30 17:59

You don't say how old you are, but I'm guessing you're in your 20s.
When you say "fashion", do you mean stylish clothes? 5'8" 170lb is 172 cm / 80 kg, which is the sort of physique I would expect to see wandering around Akihabara (crumpled check shirts and baggy jeans/cargo pants) rather than Harajuku or Shibuya.
If you're desperate to look Japanese, I suppose you could go for the wannabee yakuza look with garish sweaters, as they always seem to be designed for short and stocky physiques. That is only half joking, as your options are pretty limited - as you yourself already acknowledge.
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What she has in mind 2009/9/30 19:23
If your girlfriend is the one who wants you to try out some JP fashion, then let her choose the clothes. I wonder what she has in mind. That's all I can say from a Japanese female's perspective seeing your size.
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Excuse me young man 2009/9/30 20:43
When I read your threads I had a spontaneous flash backs, to my youthful age,......... what am I am saying,.... didn't I just turned 21 today (lol).

Something to think about:

You will not find clothes that will perfectly fit you. You couldn't find them in Macy's, Sear's, JC Penny's or another local stores, did you? You are BUFFED. What did you have to do to find clothes that will fit,..... would be same in Japan!

So, while you are in Japan, do your best to look calm and gentle, and don't over react to your surroundings,.... you know what I mean? Have your g/f go with you and select to her taste, and if she can't find suitable outfit for you, "ahhh shi ka ta ga na i" and she will agree.

Enjoy my native country.

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poor readers 2009/9/30 20:59
It seems like some people aren't reading the first paragraph of the original question.
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Could do cargo 2009/9/30 21:55
Hmm.. I could do cargo pants, but baggy jeans were the kind of things you'd wear in junior high or high school back in the states, you know?

But yeah, by fashion I mean stylish clothes. And no, I'd rather not look like the yakuza xD

My girlfriend doesn't have an exact idea in mind, but when she thinks something looks good... I think it looks terribly juvenile--from the States' point of view.

Oh, and, I'm 22, she's 21.

Yeah, I try to be as modest and polite in public. I try to ask everything in polite form, and thank and bow accordingly.

It's not that much a culture shock, and I've already experienced not knowing the language in a foreign land when I immigrated to America.

Anyway, any other suggestions? I think I can do cargo pants :D
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. 2009/10/1 00:18
She is the one who is initiating, so let her lead the way. Then you can discuss what you like and what looks good on you. That will be a part of fun. Just be patient with the many trips you will have to take to the fitting room.
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