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Beer export 2009/10/2 20:26
Does anyone know if itfs possible to bring back 4 or 5 tins of beer from Japan?
(Stored in my backpack, not hand luggage) Or is it prohibited coz of the security activities. If itfs possible that such a tin can implode during the fly, due to the air pressure?

Thanks a lot
by Luebzer  

... 2009/10/3 08:01
It depends on a) whether you check in your backpack and b) the custom rules of your destination country

If you check in your backpack with the beer in it, the Japanese side will have no problems with your beer export. But you cannot bring the beer on board of the plane.

Whether you can import 4-5 beers into the country you are flying to depends on that country's custom regulations.
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Yes 2009/10/3 11:45
As the above poster said, you can't carry it onto the plane so put it in your check-in luggage.
Depending on what country you are taking it into, you will have to declare it and probably pay tax on it. In the case of Australia, the tax is calculated on the percentage of alcohol so it is not expensive to bring in. But it must be declared.
Every country will have different (probably similar) laws regarding this so you should just check the respective country's website on customs.
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Re: Beer export 2009/10/3 16:22
If itfs possible that such a tin can implode during the fly, due to the air pressure?

The cargo hold is pressurized to the same level as the cabin, so it shouldn't be an issue, but I think you will do everybody a favour if you wrap the cans properly in a plastic bag, or so; just in case your rucksack gets thrown around a little too wildly.
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Pressure 2009/10/3 17:55
There is a risk the tin can burst. If you have ever taken a packet of chips on the plane you will notice when you are cruising it's like a pillow.
Generally it won't burst though. I've had only one bad experience with this out of many flights. And that is probably because when the can expanded the other items in my case protruded.
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