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Guns n' Roses Tour: How to buy tickets? 2009/10/4 16:26
Tokyo 23-ku
Apparently Guns n' Roses will be playing at Tokyo Dome on 19th December.

Does anyone know whether there are still tickets available or whether it is likely to sell out?

How would I go about buying tickets?

I will arrive in Japan (Fukuoka) on 18th November but I won't arrive in Tokyo until 8th December.

Any help would be appreciated!

by AusEz  

... 2009/10/4 21:00
Public ticket sales apparently only began on Oct. 3rd. Tickets are on sale through ticketing agencies, and as far as I can tell from PIA and EPLUS (two of the largest ticketing agencies) websites, they seem to have tickets available, maybe except for the least expensive seats. There is no way to check how many remain.

There is no guarantee that they will remain available until later, but if you want to wait until you get to Japan, you can try the convenience store Lawson's "LOPPI" ticketing vending machines located at some of their locations. You need to ask for help from staff if you don't read Japanese, but the code number you need for Tokyo performance is 78322. This is the reference number used on Lawson's ticketing system.


If you know someone in Japan you could try to ask them to buy for your earlier, or you will need to ask a shopping agency to do that for you and send the tickets over to you. I know a company name mentioned once in a while on this forum, whose name escapes me now :(
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... 2009/10/4 21:07
Thanks AK for your help.

I think we will just try our luck and wait until we get to Japan and try buying one in Lawson's. We're not there to see a concert anyway so it doesn't matter if we miss out, just thought it would be fun!

Thanks again.
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