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Eki ben 2009/10/6 08:45
May I ask if eki ben is available at JR Tokyo station around 6.30am onwards?
Is eki ben also available Narita airport around 8am onwards?
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. 2009/10/6 16:21
I remember ekibens being available at Tokyo stn around the platform area at that timing.

As for narita airport i don't remember any ekibens, but doesn't mean there isn't any...
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ekiben 2009/10/6 17:18

There are no ekiben available at Narita Airport. Bit that's only because bento from airports are known as soraben ;)

I believe there should be some available as soon as the shops inside the airport open. They will be found at the omiyage and convenience stores past the security check.
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--- 2009/10/6 18:22
Thanks amelia and yllwsmrf for sharing.

I know I am being silly; am thinking of buying a couple of obento and bring home on my return flight.
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... 2009/10/6 18:33
I was going to ask if you wanted something for your breakfast or to take onboard :) Any particular "bento" that you are thinking of?

Please make sure that whatever lunchbox you buy is something that keeps well beyond the duration of your flight... and another thing, I wonder if it wouldn't cause any issue upon arrival, that you are bringing in freshly prepared food from abroad, possibly not in any tight container (sometimes those lunchbox packaging could be quite loose...) I know "soraben" (sky boxed lunch) is sold so that people can eat it "onboard," but I wonder if they are OK for export...
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--- 2009/10/6 18:36
Hi AK,
I have some concerns too. Basically, I just want to bring any obento back home for my mother!
My flight is from 10.30am till 8.25pm!
What type of food is suitable to withstand such a long duration? Am i just dreaming?
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obento 2009/10/6 19:05
I also thought they were for eating on the train/plane. As long as it doesn't contain fresh fruit or vegetables you will be fine, but I'd be concerned as a 10 hour flight plus the waiting time at the airport is way to long to keep an obento unrefrigerated. If you still are considering it then get something that can be reheated. Avoid seafood, as it definitely will not keep.
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--- 2009/10/6 19:27
Hi yllwsmrf,
So today I learnt soraben is actually bento but meant to be eaten in the airplane!
I guess a bento usually has cooked veg or meat. As long as it is dried and I wrap it up properly, so that there is no leaking. I can hand-carry it all the way.
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... 2009/10/6 19:46
Ummmmmm. But the cooked rice in there would be affected too, and cooked meat or veggoe is never really "dry." Even "bento" sold in convenience stores (with plenty of preservatives) come with "enjoy by" date/time, and that's when they are kept in their cool box... so keeping it at room temperature during your flight, then carrying it home, sound like a long time to be walking around with cooked food...
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--- 2009/10/6 21:09
Hi AK,
Yes, I understand your "concerns" and wonder if this is feasible.
Nevertheless, I will buy the cheapest available bento (about 500 JPY) at Tokyo station. At most, just imagine that I have dropped 500 JPY somewhere!
I really like the bento which comes with "colourful design" of the food.
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... 2009/10/6 21:29
If you go for the "colorful design" of food, I might suggest (instead of bento) to look for some traditional Japanese sweets that have beautiful colors and design :) Some of those can last a few/more than a few days, and in Narita airport, if you happen to be flying out of Terminal 2, they even have a small shop where you can buy something to go/gifts.
It's this kind of sweets:
Their Narita Airport outlet is within Narita 5th Avenue, Sky Boutique Narita, Kitchoan, right across from EMPIRE duty free shop.
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--- 2009/10/6 21:37
Hi AK,
Yes, I will be leaving at terminal 2. I plan to go Asakusa senso-ji to buy those little red bean paste cake (?) as gifts too.
The link you have included showed very beautiful gifts - must have cost a bomb. Anyway, I will surely take a look since I will be there, doing any last minute shopping.
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