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candy corn 2009/10/7 21:30
OK this will seem like a strange question but here we go. I'm really into candy and Halloween. I've been living in Japan for a while butI have never been able to find candy corn here and i'm wondering if there is anywhere that sells or ships it preferably domestically within japan or internationaly at last resort. I love candy corn and usually i just get my parents to ship me some from the states but this year they forgot to put it in the box. long story short i:m trying to score it on my own.

i live in fukuoka and i know that i:ve seen candy corn served at one of the clubs on halloween night but i have no idea where they got it.

anyways any insights would be great! thanx!
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try 2009/10/8 13:33
Try the Foreign Buyer's Club Deli section, or the Flying Pig, or try going to Costco if there's one near you. (The first two are online services.)
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candy corn 2009/10/8 14:33
I check both fbc and flyingpig with no luck. How about checking out your local foreign food store. I think I saw some at Kaldi in the Aeon Shopping Malls near me. Or you may have to resort to making your own:

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Ask a store directly 2009/10/8 17:56
I recall seeing candy corn in Japan once or twice a long time ago, but haven't seen them for years. I wonder if some of the substances such as pigments have become illegal or something.

For example, I was once looking so hard for frozen "TV dinner" and, at last, National Azabu Supermarket manager told me that they can't be imported due to some of the substances being unauthorized. Why not ask a store directly for more details? I know how it is to spend Halloween withouth candy corn, but rules are rules.
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