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Where and how to get Mister Donut toys 2009/10/9 03:46
I'm going to be in Tokyo, and a friend has asked me to pick up Mister Donut toys for her. However, is it possible to actually buy the toys at the outlets, or is there a reward system in order to get these toys?
by foomarks  

You cannot just buy... 2009/10/9 09:56
As you guessed, there is a reward system in order to get these "toys" (not always toys, currently they're offering mugs and bags.)

This is the list of the items:
The cheapest (100 points) items are tape cutter and zip-lock bags.
They give 3 points for every JPY100 purchase, which means to get one of these items you'll have to buy the donuts or drinks worth for JPY3,333 at least...
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Do you redeem the points at the store? 2009/10/9 10:03
Thanks magonote! Do you happen to know if the rewards are redeemable at the store, or if you have to mail them in?
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mr donut 2009/10/9 10:13
Point are redeemable at the store. You get 3 points for every 100 yen spent and they expire after a year. The prize selection rotates roughly once a month.
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Thank you! 2009/10/12 09:13
Thank you everyone for your help!
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