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where to find special flavor Kit Kats? 2009/10/9 10:40
I love the special flavor Kit Kats from Japan, and am hoping to find some when I visit. However, when I was there on vacation (back in 2005) I was unable to find any (I tried mostly convenience stores). I would love to be able to pick up as much variety as possible when I visit early next year. Where's the best place to look? I already know I won't be able to get to supermarkets, as I have a very short time. with they be at any depachikas? (I hope I spelled that correctly.)

Also, I am hoping that they will at least have them at Duty Free? En route to Seoul last spring, I saw large boxed of the green tea Kit Kats in the duty free section of Narita. Is this flavor still available?

Thank you,
by MJZ (guest)  

kitkat 2009/10/9 11:14
The best place to look for kitkats is the supermarket. However, since you will not be able to go there, I think you can just buy at the stores in Narita airport (like the Akihabara store) or buy online (http://www.rakuten.ne.jp/gold/e-nestle/kitkat.html)
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Kit Kat 2009/10/9 11:27

The seasonal varieties that come and go every other month are available in supermarkets and convenience stores. You are less likely to find them in upscale supermarkets or "depachikas".
Also, there are many regional flavours sold only in certain tourist regions - e.g. apple and chilli flavours I saw in Karuizawa.
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Jbox 2009/10/10 08:18
jbox.com has them, they don't sell them during the summer to prevent them from melting.

They ship them direct from japan, so it takes a few weeks for them to arrive.
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Still at the airport 2009/10/10 10:39
I travelled out of Narita in the middle of September and there were plenty of kit kats in the terminal 1 shops; including the large presentation boxes of macha flavour. Amongst others, there was also vegetable flavour, which were interesting. Only a couple of shops had them, so you might have to wander the whole of departures to find them.
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kitkats 2009/10/10 13:51
If you really want them you will need to make the effort to get to a suburban supermarket. There is usually only one or two interesting flavours at a time, as they are all limited editions (except perhaps the matcha flavour which seems to always be at the airport).

I really wouldn't expect to see them in depachika although you might be lucky.
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message from Tokyo 2009/10/10 20:38
Hello.I live in Tokyo.
Kit-Kat is not sold in depachika.
Only the cake like comparatively high Godiva is sold in [depachika].

There are only about three kinds besides a usual chocolate though it sells to the supermarket.
It is a roast sweet potato taste, a ginger ale taste, and a pudding taste that it is in the supermarket now.
Other tastes are the one of the taste that cannot be bought not going to the region. It seems to be able to buy part also in the airport. Even I who lived in Tokyo did not buy soy sauce about [aji] alone. It would be greatly appreciated if it serves as a reference.
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THANKS!! 2009/10/11 02:57
Thank you to everyone who replied.
I appreciate all your help. Looks like I will have to make more time to get to a supermarket. Otherwise I will have to save time for when I am departing from Narita.

I will check out the websites as well.

Thanks again, you were all very helpful! =)
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re: Grocery stores 2009/10/11 08:14
Hello again,
I am trying to figure out if we will have time to get to a grocery store while we are in Tokyo. My understanding was that there were not many within the city? However, if anyone knows of any in the Shinjuku, Shibuya, or Ginza (that carry Kit Kats) I'd really appreciate if you could tell me the name of the store, and a rough location?

Thank you again!
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worth checking 2009/10/11 12:11
I was in a store looking for kiwi made
fruit and nut chocolate last weekend
in the Ginza. Did not find any but picked up some nice chocolate anyway.
Not sure if they carry what you want but worth a look.
The store can be found by going to Yaesu?
book store on south side of Tokyo station.
It's across road from where the new outside
building is taking place going south.
From the entrace follow the road to Ginza
(not north/ south highway) but small side road and store is on same side as entrance and takes about 5 minutes to walk to.
Good luck
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.. 2009/10/11 19:08
Green Tea Kit Kats are still available at Narita Airport, it's sold at Fa-So-La. I saw them when I was heading back to Singapore last week.

White chocolate Kit Kats are available at many convenience stalls.

Apart from those two and the normal Kit Kats I dont remember seeing any other types..
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They come and go... 2009/10/11 21:45
Just today I saw "chocolate and yakiimo (grilled sweet potato)" flavor Kit Kat at a local supermarket - not in central Tokyo but in the outskirts residential area supermaket.
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Why don't you order on the Internet? 2009/10/15 01:34
How if it inquires of this shopping site?


want to buy it without spending many kinds and spending time If it is possible to deliver it to the hotel by making it to the card payment, the time which it looks for can be lost.
I think the purchase of Kit-Kat of ten kinds at a time to be difficult though I live in Tokyo for years.
In your country (Where is?), isn't there so many kinds?
When it is possible to buy it a favorite chocolate and a lot, it is good.
I also wanted you to make the best use of the chance of the travel by all means because I was able to buy the series of the loved perfume only in the United States.
I feel obtaining the favorite one very happy.
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everywhere! 2009/10/30 02:17

I find them in the convini, in the supermarket.
But each convini can have some different flavours, and if you're coming again to the same shops later, you will find some new kitkats.

if you're in shibuya, you can go to donki hote.
I've found some there.

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Kit Kat 2009/11/10 09:34
I was in Japan last month, managed to buy 5 various flavour, namely, green pea, green tea, Strawberry, Vegetable, and Cherry, but I got them all over the place, each stop I made, be it super market, Petrol Kiosk, Ariport, but my effort was well paid, they all taste very nice !

Wish you luck, make it the "special mission" for the trip, you will have fun searching for them.
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