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Ochokochoi 2009/10/9 15:22
Hi everyone,

I have a little translation problem. I was discussing with my friend. And in one ocassion she said she's "ochokochoi".

She couldn't translate or explain it to me in english. Can anyone explain to me what it means? :)

Thanks in advance!
by Onikasago (guest)  

ochokochoi 2009/10/9 16:25
It wasn't in my dictionary, but from what I understand how my wife uses it it means "clumsy"
by yllwsmrf rate this post as useful

... 2009/10/11 16:17
"occhokochoi" is: clumsy, makes careless mistakes, easily misunderstands things, with the emphasis on the tendency to rush/move around too fast and making mistakes/letting things happen :)

If you enter "おっちょこちょい"on ALC website's Eijiro dictionary, this is what you get. Actually the first two entries are the definitions, and the three after that gives phrases/sentences using that word:
by AK rate this post as useful

English translation 2011/2/22 01:11
To translate this into one English word, I would go with "ditsy." It basically covers all of the meanings. clumsy, forgetful, easily gets lost and misunderstands. Though ditsy in English usually refers to girls and I think ochokochoi can be either sex.
by Al_catraz (guest) rate this post as useful

Otchokochoi 2011/2/22 07:03
she said she's "ochokochoi".

I presume she said "otchokochoi": "t" is missing in comments above.

"Otchokochoi(da)" can be used to make fool of a person, but not so strongly I think as "ditsy/ditzy" or "scatterbrained." If someone uses it for his/her own careless mistake, that does not show a heartfelt apology. To say sorry, "fuchuuida" (= careless) is better.

We use "otchokochoi(da)" to express it is clumsy of a person to do / have done something. Unlike "clumsy" this word does not mean "not good at handling." To express a person is clumsy with a tool, we often use "bukiyouda." Here these two words are not replaceable.

-- fuchuuida--
Gyuunyuu wo koboshi-te-shimatte gomen-nasai. Fuchuuide-shita. = Sorry I spilt milk. That was clumsy of me.

-- otchokochoi(da) --
You: Kitte wo hara-nai mama de fuutou wo dashichatta! = I posted an envelope without sticking a stamp!
Your friend: Kimi wa hontouni otchokochoida ne. = You are really clumsy.

-- bukiyouda --
Kanojo no chiisana musuko ha hashi no atsukai ga bukiyouda. = Her little son is clumsy with chopsticks.

by omotenashi rate this post as useful

misspelling 2011/2/22 07:15
"Ha" should have been "wa" in my last example. That was clumsy of me. (Fuchuuide-shita.)
by omotenashi rate this post as useful

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