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Wearing a tag with my nationality on it? 2009/10/10 16:02
I was told that I should wear some sort of tag or patch on my backpack or clothing stating my country name (Canada). I know some American's do this by wearing Canadian flags (I don't know why-Canadians aren't liked any worse or better are we?), but what is the point? Is this sort of a prejudice issue or some sort? I don't really like flagging my country around on my stuff. Seems a little arogant to me. I also like to remain silent about being a tourist even if I am caucasian and stick out like a sore thumb. I find it more safe to travel like a resident than to point out the obvious of being a tourist as to not get scammed or targetted.

What do you think?
by jezzro  

... 2009/10/11 10:33
Just like you, I think it is strange to carry around a national flag. You are certainly not required to do so. And in Japan, Canadians or Americans are highly unlikely to encounter any hostilities. Open anti-Americanism ,that might exist in other parts of the world, is not experienced in Japan. In general are you very unlikely to experience any hostilities, whatsoever, unless you misbehave or disregard local customs.
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. 2009/10/11 10:48
The only people wearing Canadian flags on their backpacks are Americans trying to hide as Canadians under a false belief that they'll be treated better.
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... 2009/10/11 11:06
No, most are Canadians who are proud of their country and/or want to avoid being perceived as Americans.
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noo 2009/10/11 12:11
I`ve seen some foreigners here carrying a canadian flag on their backpack... TbH I thought is was a brand util I read your post, but now yeah, I realize it must have been a tag...

You certainly aren` required to do so, and I personnaly think it`s quite stupid to label yourself like that...

And however, most people don`t really care where you are from, unless you start having a real conversation with them..
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jezzro 2009/10/11 12:47
Are you French-Canadian?

Just curious.
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... 2009/10/11 13:52
I live in Tokyo, and I don't think I've ever seen anyone walking around with a national emblem. (Except Harajuku kids with old army jackets.)

I would be embarrassed to do so, not because I'm embarrassed about my country (U.S.) but because it would label me as a redneck.
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flags on bags 2009/10/11 14:31
Some Canadians do it due to national pride or because they don't want to be mistaken for Americans. There are thousands of Canadians living in Japan who don't go around with maple leaves all over their clothes and bags though, and they seem to do fine.
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. 2009/10/11 17:29
It is your personal choice to do so.
Once or twice I've seen someone wear a maple leaf shirt that says Canada on it. Nothing wrong with that. Many people wear the germany army style jacket (not sure what its called or the brand) but has a German flag on the side. Again fashion sense. Nothing major.

If you don't want to do it, then don't. You don't have to.

I'm American, I think the only times I've worn something that says "hey I'm American" is a pin on 9-11 and Independence Day, otherwise, I don't bother, there's no reason to.
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. 2009/10/11 17:31
Any case in Japan you're not likely to get scammed or targetted anyways (in general most cases).

Whoever "told you" that you should is wrong then.

As you state if you don't like to flaunt it around, then don't.
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geogeek1 2009/10/11 18:38
geogeek1 To answer your question: My family background is (Eastern) French, but I don't speak the language.

Thanks everyone for your opinions and responses. It's always nice getting feedback from real people rather than statistics and news articles and what not trying to persay the reader into a specific point of view.

I don't think it's necessary to wear it then since it's not something that's going to really significantly assist in any way except to label me in some form.
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You're okay 2009/10/11 18:44

I know exactly what you mean, and you are absolutely correct. People are free to wear flags and look like tourists, and by seeing the flag I'd think, ''Oh, this person is not American'' (because most Japanese people think that all Caucasians are American), but I'm your kind of person. You can start wearing your flag when you feel like having Canadians talk to you, or when you get tired of saying, ''No, I'm Canadian.''
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HOCKEY FAN 2009/10/11 18:55
Maybe somebody is just wearing a red maple leaf t-shirt because they are hockey fan. :)
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Re: Wearing a tag with my nationality on it? 2011/10/12 01:20
Hello again,
So I ended up not wearing any flags. I thought it would be best because I didn't want to look like a tourist. I did get asked if I was American, but interestingly enough, I was asked if I was Australian more than American. I don't mind being asked. While I was there, I saw a guy I thought was Japanese who was from Malaysia. I guess it's hard to tell.

I did get stopped by a few other foreigners and was asked directions from them, actually!!I suppose they felt safety in seeing other foreigners.

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Re: Wearing a tag with my nationality on it? 2011/10/13 00:29
Well in a whole lot of countries it is safer to wear Canadian tags on your things. Some people just personally don't like Americans, there could be a situation and it might throw criminals off a bit that ones of the people they picked up is with a whole other country besides what they targeted. Years ago when I was in Bali, Indonesia, I needed to wear this tag after a day in the markets where people refused to -and I quote "Sell my thing to an American brat. From then on I had a necklace with a canadian flag pendant on it, and people changed attitudes fast.

So wearing one or not really depends on what country you are in, and if you feel safe in it. Japan I wouldn't bother, friend
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Great feedback! 2011/10/13 02:15
jezzro, thanks for your feedback after all these months, and a nice one, too!
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