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miso soup without green? 2009/10/11 14:51
my kids dislike any green, just want to check is it most of the soup serve already put in vegetable,green onion? or i can request without any green before order? how to say it in japanese?

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never 2009/10/11 20:29
I've never had miso soup with green onions. Just say, "Yasai nashi."

Or just order clam chowder.
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... 2009/10/11 21:01
You can say "negi nuki de [onegai shimasu]" or "negi nashi de" (without green/white onion [please]).

It depends on what kind of restaurant you eat at, but they place the finely chopped green onions into the bowl, then pour the miso soup over it - in that case, this phrase above will work fine.

"Yasai nashi" says "no veggies," so in case they had some other cooked vegetables in the soup, the restaurant staff might not know what to do. Or, if your kids want to avoid any and every vegetable, "Yasai nashi" would work fine as well.
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. 2009/10/12 00:24
If you request "yasai nashi" you are most likely to get a soup with nothing in it, because miso soup or almost any sort of Japanese soup almost always have some kind of vegetables in it. You also want to keep in mind that seaweed is green.

It's a lot better to request something you CAN eat rather than what you cannot. Frankly, I can't really think of soup being served at a restaurant with absolutely no green colored things in it. To put some green in the dish, in other words "ao-mono o soeru" is a big part of Japanese cuisine. Plus it adds essencial flavor.

Someone correct me if you have better ideas.
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. 2009/10/13 20:51
Just tell the darn kids to leave the greens!
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Common Problem For Any Parents 2009/10/14 08:33

I can't recall how I was, so, I had to ask mom. "Really mom, me too." And, I asked "how did you get me to eat'em?" She answered, "No greens, no desserts."

If you are not like my mom, mom suggest, simply give kids the options by saying "take the greens out and drink the soup."

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I'm a picky eater! 2009/10/19 09:34
My mom just scoops the greens out of my soup into hers. She loves the green, I do not. It's not that hard to get out, and why make the cook do it when you can get some extra green in your soup? :]
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