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Buy Kobe Beef in Osaka 2009/10/11 22:59
Osaka City
I would really love to try authentic Kobe Beef while in Osaka but unfortunately due to the company I am travelling in its not very feasible to dine in a restaurant. So I'd like to know if are there any butchers/supermarkets where I can get the real local stuff.
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. 2009/10/12 10:02
Go into any supermarket and you will find it. I used to buy it ground up as hamburger because it was much cheaper (they ground it up when it got 2 days old). Made a great hamburger!
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department stores 2009/10/14 12:50
I guess your hotel is near JR Osaka station or in Namba area. If so, you can walk into a department store and easily find a authentic excellent Kobe Beef at its underground floor.

JR Osaka station area
(Hanshin, Hankyu etc.)

Namba area
(Daimaru, Takashimaya etc.)
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