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Kyoto -> Osaka same-day takuhaibin ? 2009/10/12 20:15
Osaka City

The takuhaibin page says that same-day delivery may be available for short distances. Would this apply to a one piece luggage delivery from a Kyoto to Osaka hotel ? If so please tell me how to do it.

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Would also like to know... 2010/9/15 23:30
I would also like to know, so if anyone knows please speak up!!!
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. 2010/9/16 13:36
Service differs depending on the company.
If you found the same day delivery info, the best way to get the correct information is to contact the takuhaibin company you've found.
Or post the URL so others can check for you.
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suitcase 2010/9/22 04:17
Osaka and Kyoto are close from one another and linked by many trains so it would be easier to carry the suitcase yourself in a train.

If you do that early in the morning your hotel in Kyoto will keep it until the afternoon when you can get in the room.
Or you can leave it in a locker at the Kyoto train station.
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