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SIngapore dollars to Yen? 2009/10/13 23:47
Hi, I would like to enquire where are good places to echange SIN dollars to YEN in Tokyo? Are there any commission charges and how much is i were to change about S$1000 to S$2000? Thanks for replying :)
by Sharon80  

I am not in Japan 2009/10/14 17:57
Here are the link that may assist you. -

and 'CLICK'' .....Today's Exchange Rate
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worse 2009/10/16 13:01
You will find the exchange rates in Japan are worse for any currency (except USD & EUR) than exchanging in your home country.
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today's 2009/10/16 13:07
For example, today's rate is around 66yen/SGD

If you exchange at Narita you will get 59.6 yen for each SGD, while in Singapore I would be surprised if you didn't get 63 or 64yen for each SGD.

If you exchange at a Japanese bank, you will probably get around 55.
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.. 2009/10/17 02:18
Just go to Raffles Place change alley in Singapore. The rates are much better.

I got 1000 yen/15.54SGD there.

= 64.35 yen / SGD
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