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Number 55 in Writing 2009/10/14 17:13
Hi there, my friend would like to get a tattoo of the number 55 on his wrist, but he'd would like it in Kanji/Hiragana or Katakana. Is there anyone who could direct me to a decent site where I can get some idea's?
by Tanasja (guest)  

. 2009/10/14 20:47
I don´t know any websites, but this is how you can write 55 using kana.

Kanji: 五曙ワ
Hiragana: ごじゅうご
Katakana: ゴジュウゴ
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Just curious.. 2009/10/15 00:12
Why the number 55 ? Just so he knows in English it may read..go jew go..
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. 2009/10/15 22:05
It is quite rare to see numbers entirely written in Kanji, romaji or katakana, usually some restaurant menus and signs.

Any case the first responder is correct.

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