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get your own spirit bottle in pubs 2009/10/15 09:38
Tokyo 23-ku
hello. I will be in Tokyo for 5 days and can easily drink a bottle of spirits in that time. how ,and where do you order a bottle for yourself that the pub holds just for you? does it work out cheaper? what would be a reasonable price for a bottle of whisky or other spirits? can you then serve a friend from your bottle?
do you get a name tag on the bottle? great photo opportunity if true! thanks all
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bottle keep 2009/10/15 18:05

Ask, "Botoru keep okay?" in other words, "Bottle keep okay?" as you order, or to make sure, as you enter their place.

Some bars allow you to "keep" your bottle at the bar, some don't. If you notice a lot of similar bottles on the shelf with names or name tags on their label or neck, that are the bottles that are being kept.

Yes, you are free to ask the waiter to allow you to take photos in which they usually will. Yes, it definitely works cheaper than ordering per glass. They're usually about 1.5 times the price you pay to buy the bottle straight from a liquor shop. And yes, you can share it with friends or you can let them drink from your bottle on your expence. But bars usually expect customers to order at least one drink or food per person. Also, you will usually be charged for a set of ice and water (which is better for your health than to drink straight).

Just for reference, this is a hotel bar price list from a very quick search on the internet.

In reasonable taverns, they are usually cheaper which is around 4000 yen for a whiskey bottle.

But keep in mind that the most expensive clubs can often charge you tens of thousands of yen just for one bottle, and other bars can sometimes rip you off offering a higher price than what the told you first. It's best to ask for recommendations at your accomodation.

Bottoms up!
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