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DSLR buying Guide 2009/10/16 01:48
Hi all, thanks for all the replies. Its great info and gives me a better understanding. Now i am not sure if i should get the Nikon D3000 or the Pentax K-M, Can anyone advice. Or any other good recommendations. Thankz...

For Sandy, if i am really keen on the Pentax, should i get it at the Sofmap which you mentioned. Is it reliable to get the second hand camera from them, they will inform you of any defects if any, right?
What kind of lens did you get for that price of 22,800 yen?
Is it possible if i emailed you direct for more questions on the DSLR?

Thanks again.
by Sharon80  

Not Into Camera 2009/10/16 12:25
Hi Sharon,

Just my 2 cents. Isn't preference for Pentax equals 'I trust the brand and am comfortable with their products?' You should buy based on your specific needs.... not on the price, or extra features - claims and extras can be very deceptive, and quality very disappointing.

www.pentaximaging.com/slr/ -


www.consumersearch.com/digital-camera-reviews/reviews -
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DSLR 2009/10/16 12:28
The Nikon D3000 with one lens (18-55mm) can be found for about 51,000yen at Akihabara, while the Pentax K-m is about 48,000yen with two lenses (18-55mm, 50-)

The second hand Pentax I got was the only Pentax of that model and price in the shop. It had an 18-55mm lens with it.

Don't buy new cameras in that Sofmap store, as it will be more expensive.
Look at the prices on Kakaku.com and buy at places shown (you may need help with that!!)
You can email me if you like.
Can I post an email address here?
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