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U.S. International Postal Money Order 2009/10/16 15:42
United States
My sis need your inputs:

Government Office in Japan instructed her to buy 900 Yen postal money order and mail that - her intent was to buy the equivalent valued MO in the dollars and mail it - but our dad explained to her about the variable of "buy & sell" of currencies and he further cautioned her of USP MO could be rejected by the government office. Clever girl my sis is, she went ahead and bought a 1,000 yen note. But now she have a second thoughts.

Q: What do you think,.. accepted or rejected?

by stanfordgal  

... 2009/10/16 16:57
- Is there any way your sister can check with the government office the amount in US dollar that they can agree she should send?

- I think what your dad cautioned about "USP MO" possibly rejected is that US "money order" may be rejected, that it *has* to be INTERNATIONAL POSTAL money order.

In Japan we don't have what you call in the US "money order," which can be cashed at banks or at supermarket service counters. It has to be "postal" otherwise it cannot be cashed at all at post offices in Japan (it needs to be sent back to the issuing bank in the US to be cleared first), and it has to be "international" - there are domestic-only money orders in the US. (I think that the one you should get is the pink one; green is for domestic only - unless USPS changed something lately...)

- Sending a thousand yen note would be expensive, since for safety you would want to use registered or some sort of express mail at least?
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