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Dress for a Winter wedding? 2009/10/17 18:22
Tokyo 23-ku
Have been invited to a friends wedding in March, so I know it will be a trifle cold. I know about colours and styles to wear, BUT, not living in Tokyo (or its surrounds) I have no idea where to go to find one!! I was wondering if anyone knew of a nice, but cheap place to get a dress from IN Tokyo.
by LaureninJapan (guest)  

. 2009/10/18 11:22
First of all, assuming the wedding will be held in Tokyo and assuming it will be in early March, yes, it might be a "trifle" cold depending on the weather, but March is considered as spring. You will be expected to wear spring attire, in other words something light. If you are cold, you can wear a shawl or a spring coat.

Then you need to tell us your gender, age range and what type of clothes you prefer. I also wonder if you've considered rentals.
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Well.... 2009/10/18 20:19
The wedding isnt in Tokyo. I have looked at rentals but my bust size to waist size is quite different and a few rentals places wont alter so drastically for a rental and advise me to just buy a dress. I also would like to keep the dress.....

A shop ? Anyone?
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... 2009/10/18 21:33
You can check out any major department store - Marui, Primtemps, Seibu, Tobu, etc. (the first two are for relatively young people) sorry for asking again but what age bracket do you belong to, and which area IN Tokyo would you prefer to go to? :)
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. 2009/10/19 10:10
Actually, I wouldn't be so sure if the OP can just check out any major department store if her size is the type that's not available at rental shops. Perhaps the rental shop was suggesting she gets a dress custom made.

Lauren, if you are in Japan, have you looked into on-line shops? At least they will give you an idea.
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Isetan 2009/10/19 10:32
Maybe she can go to the size shop in Isetan, Shinjuku.
They have a corner for formal dresses.
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