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Where to buy a specific snack in London? 2009/10/17 22:44
Hi Everybody!!

I really love japanese snack products but there is one that I really really like by the food manufacturer ''Tohato''.

The name of the snack is ''Osatsu Poteko'' and The Japan Centre in Piccadily Circus used to sell it, but now they no longer do! -_-

Therefore, I'm wondering if anybody knows where I could buy this crisp product from??
I have included a link to the ''Tohato'' website to show you what thw crisp looks like!


By the way, its the fourth product down in the pink packet next to the blue one!!

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bump 2009/10/20 06:57
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. 2009/10/20 08:52
Have you tried the two Japanese stores on Brewer Street? Ithink one is at number 50 and the other is number 82. I don't know if they have them, but worth a try.
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Hey 2009/10/20 17:54
Hey RobBeer! thanks for your reply! Do you mean the "Rice Wine" store and the "Arigatou" store? If so, I have been to the "Rice Wine" store and they didn't seem to sell it. I also have tried "Arigatou" and it they only sell food stuffs and not really sweets or snacks.

Hmm...im not sure where else to look! lol do you know of other japanese stores in London??

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. 2009/10/20 22:09
Maybe the new Oriental City supermarket at 6 Queensway? This is the relocated Oriental City that used to be in Colindale and was previously the Yaohan Japanese supermarket until the Japanese company went bust in 2006.

Sadly, a many of the Japanese grocery stores I knew have closed down.

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. 2009/10/20 22:27
Way out in the sticks, Atari-Ya, 595 High Road, North Finchley, N12 0DY. Try calling first to save a long trip: 020 8446 6669.
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. 2009/10/21 01:18
Hey RobBeer!

Thank you again for your reply!! I've heard about oriental city and I know they went bust but what I didn't know was that there was a new one!! lol! so thank you! I shall check that out!

Oh and thank you also for the suggestion for the other japanese store - Atari-Ya - and for the phone number! I shall give them a call also!

Tabi tabi arigatou gozaimashita!
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. 2009/10/21 02:59
It was the Yaohan Japanese supermarket that went bust (parent company in Japan), Oriental City was the replacement company that took over trading at the Colindale location.The property was bought by a property developement company in 2006 and they basically threw all the traders out, including the main Oriental City supermarket. There was a big campaign to save Oriental City, sadly this failed to save the site. Details can be found here:

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List of Atari-ya 2009/10/21 15:55

Just thought I would put the website address for Atari as they have a few stores across London.


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, 2009/10/21 22:25
Hey Yahatacookie!

Thank you for the webiste address! I really hope i can find this product! Its soo nice! oishii!! HAHA!!

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. 2010/1/4 21:56
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