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What's the name of this song? 2009/10/17 23:51
Hi minna! I really love Ryuhei Matsuda and I'd like very to know the name of that music. Thanks

by carmenbrazil  

It's "RASEN" 2009/10/18 10:49
Hi carmenbrazil.
You have good taste in music.
It's Chihiro Onitsuka's "RASEN", which means "spiral".
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thanks YOSHINO let me tell you something 2009/10/22 05:56
Hi Yoshino at first I'd like to thank you for your help.
I play the piano and I got some Japanese songs that are beautyfull. Japanese songs are very best pop music to play in the piano (in my point of view), I think that the arrangement are special.
So in this case I'll try to play this song too. I'm studing music ( piano, percussion and sing). I like to much the Japanese Drums too (TAIKO). Here in my City, we have a group called Minato Daiko.

Kind Regards

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