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Abusive Husband Need Info/Help 2009/10/18 16:49
I reported my husband to MIL police today, they wont lock him up and the sargents are doing anything about this matter, I want a plane ticket home but they are saying ERD takes 2 to 4 weeks. He isnt providing me with any type of financial support for me or our daughter and I dont work. They put a no contact on him but put him in an off base home with his friend 5 MINUTES from our house. I want to go higher then Sargent status because they are not helping me and I do not feel safe. Any suggestions on what I can do? The JAPANESE police do not offer any help or assistance either.
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U.S. Government Property 2009/10/18 19:07
Please seek help from other military families.

U.S. Military Laws:



"Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA),Article 17, paragraph 5(c) of the Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security, which leaves disciplinary discretion to the United States rather than Japan."
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go higher 2009/10/18 21:30
go as high as you need to until you get some help. see the base commander.
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. 2009/10/19 01:00
If you just want a plane ticket home, then go get a "Command Sponsorship Letter" from your husband's command. Then you can take a free flight from your nearest Air Force base (or Navy/Marine Air Station) if they have seats available. You could probably get a flight within a week.
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More information? 2009/10/19 08:49
First question: are you ;iving in Japan?

And: are you a Japanese citizen? Is your husband with the US Forces? What does "a ticket to go home" mean? US, Japan......???

With more information people can give you better answers.

And - YES, use the chain of command, go to the top guy of your husband's unit, the Command Sergeant Major or even the commander. There should also be offices which can help you like family advocacy and so on.

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