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A movie about samurai actors? 2009/10/18 19:13
Hi, I was just wondering if someone could help me out with this. I'm looking for the title of a movie I saw around ten years ago. I think it was in colour.

What little I remember was about a young actor being shown the ropes of how to act as a samurai in movies. One key scene I remember involved the actors practising how to die, and another was that the main villain in the movie they're making is killed, then becomes a demon (in the movie they're making).

Any ideas? Without a title or actor, this is really hard to search for. Thanks!
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A movie about samurai actors? 2009/10/26 17:36
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. 2009/10/26 17:52
What language was it in, where did you see it and was it fiction or a documentary? Btw, I am clueless as to what movie it is, but these kind of information may improve your search.
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''Fall Guy''? 2009/10/29 01:41
I'm not sure but maybe it's ''Fall Guy''?
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my final answer... 2010/9/22 21:37

Could it be this one? No Problem
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