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Building in Shinjuku 2009/10/21 07:30
Tokyo 23-ku
I was going through my photos (I owe this site a trip report as a thanks, but that functionality appears to have been removed) and I have this picture http://mgdd.net/plogger/images/japan_2009/day_20/dscf1038__medium_.jpg. It's one I took from the top of the south tower of the govt building in Shinjuku. A friend of mine is going to Japan next year and was wondering what the building was. Is it a public building? Could he go inside and check it out? Any help or details would be v.helpful.
by mgal (guest)  

. 2009/10/21 10:36
Shinjuku Park Tower
Park Hyatt Tokyo etc...
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... 2009/10/21 16:05
Brilliant, thanks, mitch. I see the Park Hyatt takes up the top 14 floors, it's waaaay beyond his budget to stay there, but anyone know how they feel about people just 'dropping in'? Is it possible to get to the top floor without being a guest?
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. 2009/10/21 16:57
52th floor is bar&dining
He can go to the top floor
Will be able to see the scenery
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