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Izakaiya Restaurant with English Menu 2009/10/21 11:23
Are there any inexpensive Izakaiya restaurants in Yokohama or Tokyo that have an English menu? I enjoy going to them with my Japanese friends, but I'm not able to go with just my husband because we don't read Japanese yet.
by Gaijin-girl (guest)  

Andy's Izakaya 2009/10/21 13:02
I recommend Andy's Izakaya (Shin Hinomoto) 03-3214-8021 which is a couple of minutes walk from Yurakucho Station (underneath the railway tracks). English menu's available, food is great and packed with Japanese salarymen so it's quite an experience. If you don't like smoking, then suggest somewhere else like ''Jackpot'' in Ebisu as it gets pretty smoking in there...
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Chain Izakayas 2009/10/21 17:14
The large chain izakayas that are found everywhere - Wa Ta Mi or Shirokiya - have English menus. But their signs are written in Japanese so you might have to ask the people in your hotel where the closest one is.
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Andy's 2009/10/21 17:17
I will check out Andy's! I did a search online and it seems like that place is quite popular! Thanks for the tip.

My mother and G'mother will be coming to Japan next week. They both are Japanese so I will be able to visit an izakaya restaurant that only has a Japanese menu when they get here.

Is there any in Yokohama or the Shinagawa area that is cheap, but tasty?
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Jou... 2009/10/21 17:20
Jou, Can you post the name of the chain in Japanese so that I can print it out and ask someone in the area? I live in Japan, so I won't be able to ask anyone at a hotel.
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Sunny Pages 2009/10/21 21:12
Just use this link and type in "izakaya" for a search. You can filter the result for English menu by checking that option along with the location you want.

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