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When to go to Japan ? February or March 2009/10/22 00:00
hello guys,

I hope that someone can help me out because I have two important questions and i'm struggling with this.
British Airways has now a good promotion to Japan but only February or March.
Is month is best to go ?

I'm planning to go for at least 15 or 16 days.

Is this enough time using a JR pass for 14 days ?

This is my itinerary:

Tokyo 2 days (I'll arrive and return to Tokyo)

Hakone 1 day - Where are the best spots to see the Mount Fuji?

Nikko 1 day

Kamukara 1 day

Kawagoe 1 day

Kyoto 3 days

Nara 1 day

Koyasan 1 day

Osaka 1 day

Himeji 1 day

Hiroshima half day ?

Miyajima 2 day

and then back to Tokyo.

Thanks a lot


by alpol  

March 2009/10/22 11:27
Later in March you could see some cherry blossoms which are just superb and so much a part of Japan's culture and heritage.
Itinerary looks doable but I assume Hiroshima and Miyajima are a joint effort: ie staying on Miyajima but having time in Hiroshima
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answers 2009/10/22 11:59
When to travel

Suggested itinerary(similar to yours)

I recommend Hikone(near Kyoto) if you'd like to visit more castle towns, instead of Kawagoe.
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March 2009/10/22 12:28
February is the worst month of year to visit Japan, because all the flowers and greenery is really dead and the weather is crappy. That's probably why they have that deal. Not many people go to Japan during February.

If you go towards the beginning of March, you can catch the plum blossoms. Although the cherry blossoms are the obvious favorite in Japan, plum blossoms are probably second. (They are the favorite in China!)

If you want to see plum blossoms, when you are in Kyoto, go to Kitano Tenmangu Shrine. It's quite beautiful!

I do think the Hikone suggestion is a nice one instead of Kawagoe. Hikone Castle is one of Japan's original castles. It also has a historic street. There are some nice temples in Hikone, and Taga Shrine is not far by train.
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weather 2009/10/22 13:05
Well, it depends what you mean by ''crappy weather''. If you mean cold, yes it is cold February.

However, in Tokyo (and along the Pacific coast) the weather is usually mostly clear, sunny and dry. I'd say that 5 days a week it is just clear and sunny. On the other hand, the Sea of Japan coast is often cold and snowy. In fact, many people come to Japan in February to go skiing, as there are literally hundreds of places you can ski. And the winter months are about the only ones when you can see Mt. Fuji almost every day.

On the other hand, I'd say the months of June, July, August, September are the worst, with hot humid and wet conditions.

As for the original question most people would find March better, as it's not as cold, still fairly clear and sunny, and the blossoms are just starting to appear.
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Thanks a lot for the tips guys! 2009/10/23 04:24
Thanks a lot for the tips guys!
I'll for sure follow it :-)
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february 2009/11/19 01:52
I'm not sure if I should go to peru(http://totallyperu.com/) or japan on february I still can't decide... both are such beautiful countries I'm thinking it might be better to go to japan but I don't know jet
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... 2009/11/19 04:18
I was there last year for part of February and all of March. I'd recommend going as late in March as you can. It is fine in February but in March you get to watch spring arrive and if you are there late enough you may catch the cherry blossoms.
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