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hachiko souvenirs? 2009/10/24 03:30
Tokyo 23-ku
Hi! Is there any place where I can get miniature Hackiko statues or at least a shop that sells Hachiko products to customers? Where and how do I get there? Thank you!
by Omoidasu (guest)  

Good question 2009/10/25 13:05
That's a good question. But although everyone in Tokyo, or everyone in Japan for that matter, have known Hachiko for more than three generations, there are no major souveniors that represent the dog or the statue, apart from movie novelties. However, from a quick internet search, I found Hachiko cookies and Hachiko sauce.

Hachiko Sabure (cookies)
available at Likes located inside Shibuya Station building ground floor near Hachiko Statue 10:00am-11:00om

Hachiko Sauce (worcestershire sauce)
available at 4 places including Foodshow located at the basement 1 floor of Tokyu Department store Toyoko branch inside Shibuya Station building.

According to the official website of the movie "Hachi" there seems to be other products available.

Hachi's Cookies
available on-line.

Books (in Japanese) on Hachiko

Movie novelties
The ones in red are sold out and the ones in blue are still available on-line.

Unfortunately, I haven't heard of any miniature statues. Hope this helps.
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haha! thanks! 2009/10/25 13:19
welli'm not sure about the edible stuff but let's hope they make toys from the movie (though i highly doubt it). still i'll be sure to check out the sauce, that's too strange too miss out on nect time i'm in japan! thanks so much, Uco!
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Must be some available 2010/10/13 23:18
Don't know the answer but I'm in Tokyo just now and been keeping my eyes open for Hachi souvenirs - no luck - but the woman at the lottery stall across from the statue has a beautiful brass copy of the statue on her counter. I asked if it was for sale but the answer was no. I can't speak the lingo so I couldn't ask her where she got it - but they must be made somewhere.
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お父さん is the best 2010/10/14 13:28
Forget Hachiko! The most famous dog in Japan is Softbank's Otousan. The adverts are just so funny I always laugh.

See here for a few clips of the more recent adverts: http://mb.softbank.jp/mb/special/SHIRATOJIRO/
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This might help 2011/2/12 16:20
I know that the last post was written rather a long time ago, however, in case anyone happens to stumble on this question, I believe that some sort of Hachiko shop exists.

Apparently it is called Shibuya No Shippo (Tail of Shibuya) and is inside the station itself.

I am going to Japan later this year, and, if anyone gets the chance to visit this shop, perhaps he/she could post a message about it.

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