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Can I buy a Japanese futon in Canada? 2009/10/24 08:52
We are a Japanese family living in Canada. We tried sleeping on all different kinds of mattresses here, even the local ''futon'' style ones, but can't find it comfortable. Please let us know if there is a ''futonya san'' in Canada. We would love to meet him and order some! Domo arigatou..
by emi (guest)  

futons 2009/10/25 14:40
Where do you live in Canada? is there a Japanese community? surely they would know..
Here is from the USA: http://www.jlifeinternational.com/houseitems/futon/shikifuton/jlifefut...
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Japanese Futon (and Tatami) in Canada 2010/6/6 10:08

If your family is still looking for Japanese futon, you could try this web site www.tatami.ca

The company imports tatami and futon from Japan. I have not ordered from them yet, but I'm quite interested! I hope you have good luck with finding a comfortable futon and enjoy a good sleep!
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Thanks 2010/6/6 12:29
Thank you for your reply. We live in British Columbia. There are very few Japanese people where I live, and they do not know. But, I will surely try to get in touch with the Japanese communities online and see what I can find.
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. 2010/6/7 14:57
My son has a tatami/futon bed here in CA, USA. It is a bed off the floor but just like sleeping on tatami mat as the regular box spring is replaced w/ tatami mats and futon on top. It is quite comfortable and easy to get up compared to sleeping on the floor. It is reasonably priced & getting popular now. Google for tatami bed & futon in your area.
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j-funton in canada 2010/6/7 17:06
i don't know about canada (i am i bc too) but san francisco japantown has several home goods stores that sell all kinds of j-things that i never expected to find in north america ... j-futon included. there is also a muji store in new york although i am not sure if they are selling strictly j-stuff there or more for the north american market.

it seems that there is nothing that can't be found ... and california isn't THAT far away ... even seattle might have what you look for as they have quite a j-community there.

if you need more on seattle or sf ... just let me know.
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