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Hair and skin care winter 2009/10/25 00:28
We are going to Japan on December 20-25, 2009.

Dry hair and dry skin are the problems during winter. I want to ask for some tips what should I do before going to Japan and what should I do while I'm in Japan.

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Short visit. 2009/10/25 18:35
You are only here a short time, so I doubt you will be that badly affected. Bring a good moisturiser, and use it when you need it, plus a good lip balm. I don't think any special preparation is necessary...
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. 2009/10/25 19:42
Many hotels have a humidifier.
Request at the hotel.
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Just for reference 2009/10/25 21:04

It really depends on each person or what type of climate that person's skin is used to.

But when I travel overseas, one of the driest places I notice are aircrafts. An overnight flight really is harsh on my skin and hair, if you ask me.

Recently, this is what I have been doing to successfully avoid any extra damage. When getting ready to leave home or to leave the hotel room for my flight, I apply an extra layer of lotion on my skin, face and body that is. For me, it works better to apply many thin layers rather than to apply one thick layer.

Also I always carry a tiny plastic spray bottle containing tap water. I spray water on me whenever static electricity is too harsh. Empty spray bottles are available at drug stores here in Japan. I sometimes just spray water on my face, too, if that makes me comfortable, but too much water can make your skin drier later, unless you apply lotion or oil after you wet the skin.

The basic idea for me is to "lock" moisture inside. For example, before I apply lotion or oil on my skin or hair, I make sure my skin and hair is slightly wet. And then I make sure that the wet-ness is trapped in there, by applying lotion or oil.

Don't forget to use some good medicated lip balm as suggested.
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