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Which news websites to follow? 2009/10/25 19:46
Which news websites do you think give the best Japan news coverage, in English?

The Japan Times online?

News on Japan?

...or something else even better?

Thanks for all the tips! I want to stay on top of Japanese news.
by Pauline (guest)  

... 2009/10/25 21:23
I think it is personal preference.

The Japan Times provides quality news, but the online version seems to be even slower updated than the printed newspaper version. Always about 24 hours delayed.

Japan Today is a little bit more up-to-date, but I personally find it to focus too much on sensational crime and accidents rather than relevant news. Furthermore, I find the user comments a reason not to visit.

A few more news sources are linked below:
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hmm 2009/10/25 22:35
News on Japan is a news feed that takes news links from many sources. It is a useful news reference; the majority of the stories are real news from respected news outlets, but occasionally the stories and sources are somewhat soft. They often source stories from the Japan Times. Why not use both sites?

I agree with Uji that Japan Today is more focused on sensational news and is not worth the effort.
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News 2009/10/26 07:11
You can also get the Yomiuri Shinbun as well as the Asahi shinbun online. With the Japan Times those are the 3 "regular" ones I check daily.

News in Japan is anyways a topic for itself - national news "en masse", international news - no comment.
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