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Buffet Yakiniku in Fukuoka? 2009/10/26 03:46
Fukuoka City
Hi, my parents are visiting Japan for the first time, and I would love to take them to an viking/"all you can eat" yakiniku restaurant, either in Hakata or Tenjin/Yakuin/Ohashi etc. As long as it's near a subway stop we can find it :)

Also, I'm trying to find somewhere that has a "decent" selection of vegetables as well.

Are there any chain restaurants that I can search for?

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... 2009/10/26 21:17
It's not a buffet, but they would be impressed by Jojoen. But they might be just as happy with a cheap chain restaraunt as Gyu Kaku.
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. 2009/10/26 23:10
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Thanks~ 2009/11/2 13:38
Thanks for your answers, I was wondering if anyone know "how" Gyu Kaku or ウエスト work?

I've been to a few yaki niku restaurants, but many years ago, with host families to deal with the ordering etc. I've been to one where it was buffet style, and you went up to a central table and picked out the raw meats you liked, then brought them back to your table to cook them. Another restaurant brought out a platter of raw meat, and brought out more when you requested it...

Thanks for any responses.
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