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Does Don Quixote sell sleeping bags? 2009/10/27 02:07
Tokyo 23-ku
I'll be visiting Tokyo and Yokohama for two weeks in December. During the week I'll be staying in a hotel in Tokyo and on the weekends I'm crashing at my friend's apartment in Yokohama. He doesn't have an extra futon so I'll be sleeping on the tatami. He suggested I bring a sleeping bag with me, but I don't want to lug one all the way from the states just for three nights of use.

Last time I was in Japan I remember walking through Don Quixote and they seem to sell pretty much anything imaginable. Can anyone verify if they sell sleeping bags or at least blankets that I could buy there and leave behind when I go home? I think I remember seeing pillows for sale last time, but there was so much stuff there my memory is a blur.

Thanks for the help!
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SB 2009/10/27 21:28
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... 2009/11/4 01:35
Thanks flower88, I'll keep an eye out for sleeping bags when I'm exploring Don Quixote.
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Help me find the shop! 2009/11/8 06:07
Hello! I visited Tokyo in March and plan to go again and i remember saying i wanted to go to Don Quixote is this the novelty shop in shinjuku that is opens 24hrs?? Because i couldnt find it! Can anyone give more directions i really want to see what its like!! Thanks in advance!
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website 2009/11/10 01:51
They have a website in English that gives you a map of all their store locations:


Last time I was in Japan I went to the Akihabara location. I don't remember how to get there, but if you ask someone where it is they will point it out to you (that's what I did).
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