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Japanese skin care and make up brands 2009/10/27 11:13
Hi, I've heard that the pharmacies in Japan sell really good skincare and make up brands that are made from natural products such as chinese medicine. Can anyone recommend any specific brands?
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Fof Japanese skin only 2009/10/28 15:53
All skin care products in Japan are made for Japanese skin!!! Be aware that it might have a diverse effect on skin of gaijin. I personally tried to go to the cosmetic consultant at big stores and had a computer diagnostic of skin before buying anything. Still all the products I`ve tried did not give me the desired result (the skin consultant did underline that I am non Japanese, so she is not sure if it will work for me), so now I am keeping on using skin care products bought in Australia :-(
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Japanese skin care - Shiseido 2009/11/4 09:55

I suffered from dry senstive skin in the winter and tried many products such as Decleor, Dermalogica, Clarins and Peviona but they didn't reallly help and if anything caused more irritation. After several months of suffering with cracked skin I decided to Shiseido, one of the reasons for my choice was because it was a Japanese brand and I heard they use natural ingredients. I used products from the Benefiance range and was very surprised at the results. My skin has never been better- supple, bright and smooth and I don't suffer from any dry or senstive skin even when it's cold and windy. By far the best skincare I have used! They don't disclose the ingredients but whatever is in them makes the products feel protective on the skin whilst working their magic. I am not sure about their other ranges but I have come across some negative reviews about some of their very top range products, however most of the Benefiance products have fantastic reviews online and worked brilliantly for me even though they are recommended for ages 35+. I was 27 when I started using Shiseiodo and although it is expensive I am unlikely to go back to any of the other brands I previously used. Probably best to try a travel size kit or try to get hold of some samples before you buy full size products.
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